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REVIEW: Ceara Cavalieri Releases The Brand New Anthem “Radio Silence”!

Critically acclaimed singer/songwriter Ceara Cavalieri has unveiled the highly anticipated anthem “Radio Silence”, which centres around a very relatable subject.

Speaking about her latest release, Ceara said “I wrote this song about a guy that I had been dating for about 8 months who randomly ghosted me without saying anything. It is such a weird feeling when you are used to talking to someone every day and then out of nowhere it’s just complete “radio silence” on their end.”

She continued “I know that most people have experienced something like this and it can really make you feel down on yourself, especially without getting that closure. If you’re going through something like this or have experienced something similar then this is definitely a song that you can scream in your car.”

This latest release features an energetic instrumental that is full of pop-rock elements that echo the vibrantly characteristic lyrical notions that feature throughout this highly catchy anthem.

Ceara produces a passion-driven performance that showcases the unique identity behind her artistic style & highlights the distinctive vocal versatility she possesses.

I believe this song is a true anthem that will have you singing out loud from the very first listen. A highly commendable single that will stand the test of time guaranteed.

You can check out “Radio Silence” on Spotify below or on further platforms here.

Ceara Cavalieri: Instagram / Twitter / TikTok.

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