REVIEW: Neoni Release Their Emotional New Single “Downfall”!

Electronic dark-pop singer/songwriting sister duo Caitlin & Sidney Powell, aka Neoni, are following on from the recent success of their first release of the year, “Levitate”, with the unveiling of the emotionally stirring new single “Downfall”!

This latest release features a hauntingly influenced mid-tempo dark-pop instrumental that influentially mirrors the in-depth emotional lyrical core of this thought reflecting track.

The song plays host to a variety of attention-grabbing lyrics, including lines such as “I’m killing my time just to quiet my mind” & “My eyes are vacant & all I can see is my isolation” that create an impact with audiences from the very first listen.

Caitlin & Sidney deliver a passionately stimulating vocal performance that echoes the raw emotional elements within the profoundly moving spirit that lies in the depths of this compelling musical piece.

You can check out “Downfall” on Spotify below or via Apple music here.

Neoni: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instragram.

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