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REVIEW: Flo Gallop Releases The Exuberating New Anthem “Sorry For You, Mate”!

Singer-songwriter Flo Gallop showcases her honest & playful storytelling lyricism with the unveiling of the brand new charismatically charged anthem “Sorry For You, Mate”

This latest release centres around the demise of a relationship & takes focus on celebrating the loss of a negative person in your life, rather than mourning it.

Speaking about her latest release, Flo said “I hope the music inspires people to dance and be happy when they’re listening to it. If something is not quite right in their lives or as good as it could be, maybe something as simple as one of my lyrics might inspire them to change it. That would be amazing!”

This song features a catchy mid-tempo instrumental that resembles the passion-driven lyrical personality of this positively pleasing composition, which allows listeners the chance to connect with this song on a natural level.

Flo delivers a stellar performance that highlights the uniquely sensuous tones within her passionately in-depth vocals, which in turn incorporates with the vigorous raw emotive essence that surrounds this ear-catching anthem.

I wholeheartedly believe this song highlights the uniquely creative personality that Flo possesses & can see this composition creating some serious waves shortly.

You can check out “Sorry For You, Mate” on Spotify below or via Apple Music here.

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