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Review: Aldo Blaga Releases The Brand New Single “Embers”!

Aldo Blaga recently unveiled the brand new emotionally tantalising ballad “Embers” that looks to pull on the heartstrings of listeners around the world.

Written by Ylva & Linda & Charlie Mason, alongside producers John Matthews & Rickard Bonde Truumee. This release centres around the hope of one day relighting a spark in a relationship that has reached its end point.

Speaking about this composition, songwriters Ylva & Linda said “Embers is a cowrite with the lyricist Charlie Mason and with the producers John Matthews and Rickard Bonde Truumeel who added the last touches.”

Aldo continued “I sincerely think I didn’t choose the song…the song chose me & I can’t be more honoured and excited to sing it every chance I get! I made all my friends listen to it and I’m so glad it’s received so many views and very good feedback.”

He continued “I’d like to sincerely & wholeheartedly thank all the people that listened to the song, that believe in its message – one that speaks about living every moment to the max, appreciating all the little things in love and life and always keeping hope in your heart that good times will come. Peace and love, everyone.”

This latest composition features a country-pop influenced instrumental that echoes the emotionally moving heart of this lyrically drawing song that can easily connect with listeners on a profoundly deep level.

The song communicates a multitude of emotive layers towards listeners that builds a natural relation that audiences around the world will find solace within.

You can check out “Embers” on YouTube below or listen via Spotify here.

Aldo Blaga: Website / Facebook / Instagram.

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