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INTERVIEW: Drew Haley Discusses Her Latest Single “A Good Woman”!

Singer-songwriter Drew Haley has swiftly caught the attention of global listeners through a variety of pure heartfelt vocals & creative lyrical passion. 

Not long ago, Drew unveiled the heart-warming single “A Good Woman” that has instantly pulled on the heartstrings of listeners everywhere. 

Drew’s experience with her single mother is one that many can relate alongside. You can feel the intention behind every word Drew crafts into this song, especially when she sheds light on all the sacrifices her mother made to give her the best life possible. 

Drew has kindly taken the time to speak with Fierce & Fabulous Revolution regarding “A Good Woman”, along with getting to know more from the artist behind the music. You can check out what Drew said below. 

Hey Drew, thank you so much for this interview. Can you start by telling the readers a little about yourself?

Drew: I’m a singer-songwriter, mother, and wife living in Nashville! I’ve been working in the industry for years now and I’ve made so many amazing connections and released music I’m so proud of. 

When did you first discover your passion for music?

Drew: I’ve always loved singing and I taught myself to play the guitar at 12. By the time I was 17, I had written over 100 songs and knew I wanted to pursue music seriously. Music has always been such an important part of my life, but it wasn’t until I dove into it that I realized how passionate I was about it.

Have you always known that you wanted to pursue a career within the music industry?

Drew: By the time I knew I wanted to do music as a career, it was a no brainer. I have so many other things going on in my life, but music is the constant I come back to. 

How would you describe your musical style to someone unfamiliar with your music?

Drew: I would describe my music as country and Americana. I’m inspired by many different subgenres and artists, but I’ve really found my voice in that space.

You recently released the single “A Good Woman”. How did the idea for the song come together?

Drew: As a mother myself, I’m constantly reminding myself how thankful I am for my own mom. She is my best friend and one of the most incredible women in the world. I wanted to pay tribute to her in the best way I know-how, and that’s by creating a song all about her.

Did you always plan to release “A Good Woman” as a single?

Drew: I really wanted this song to have its own moment. It felt right to release it by itself and really give the project the ability to reach people.

What does this song personally mean to you?

Drew: Not only is it about my mom, but it’s also just about what a truly good woman is willing to sacrifice and experience to keep others safe and happy. It’s a really touching message to convey and to remind myself of.

If listeners could take anything away from this single, what would you like it to be?

Drew: I want people to remember to recognize the people around them who made them the person they are today. Whether that’s their mom, their dad, a grandparent, or just a friend, we all have someone who deserves to know the positive impact they’ve had on us.

What are some of the things you enjoy outside of music?

Drew: I love being outdoors and doing yoga. I also spend a ton of time with my kids, giving them experiences that I hope they’ll never forget.

If you could duet with anyone in the world, who would you choose & why?

Drew: I know everyone says Dolly, but who wouldn’t want to sing with Dolly?! She’s incredible and one of a kind.

What advice would you offer to someone looking to pursue a career within the music industry?

Drew: Never stop doing what you love! It can be easy to get down on yourself for not measuring up to what you expect from yourself. You’re truly your biggest critic. Meeting people who lift you up and inspire you makes such a big difference, and it’s so amazing to have a support system to keep pushing you to be your best.

Finally, is there a message that you would like to share with the readers of Fierce & Fabulous Revolution?

Drew: Thank you so much for joining me on my journey! Give “A Good Woman” a listen and connect with me on social media! God bless!

You can check out “A Good Woman” on Spotify below or via Apple music here.

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