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REVIEW: Maxine, Michela, Gaia Cauchi, & Destiny Collaborate On The Empowering Anthem “Skin Deep”!

Maltese songstresses Maxine, Michela, Gaia Cauchi, & Destiny, have joined together to create the ultimate self-love empowerment anthem “Skin Deep”!

Co-written by Maxine & Muxu, along with production & mixing by Peter Borg (Railway Studios), this latest release shares a message of self-love, truth, & empowerment.

This song possesses an emotionally raw essence within its instrumental that sensationally echoes the deeply moving lyrical core that takes centre stage of this truly empowering anthem.

Maxine, Michela, Gaia, & Destiny deliver an out-of-this-world vocal performance that highlights the sheer authenticity of this compelling musical piece.

You can check out the official video for “Skin Deep” below or listen via Spotify here.

MAXINE: Facebook / Instagram.

Michela: Facebook / Instagram.

Gaia Cauchi: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

Destiny: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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