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REVIEW: Louise Parker Unveils The Emotionally Moving Single “I Don’t Believe In Christmas”!

UK songstress Louise Parker has unveiled the reflective new single “I Don’t Believe In Christmas” that encapsulates the hard-hitting emotions that can be endured across the festive season.

Speaking about her latest release, Louise said “In September my sister asked me what I would be releasing for Christmas this year, I sat down to try and write something jolly and cheerful but after a tough year, I couldn’t muster anything of the sort. Instead, I wrote a song that captures the difficulties of negotiating the holidays during personal crisis, the discomfort and overwhelming emotions that can envelope when everyone around is so content. I hope this song finds those that need to hear it and is understood deeply by those who may not fully comprehend but are forever trying.

She continued “Thank you to everyone who has and will continue to hurdle the seemingly impossible emotional and physical objects thrown at me. You cushion my falls and make getting back worthwhile, without you I could never undertake ‘The Imperfect Recovery‘”.

This latest single features an emotionally charged country-pop instrumental that slowly builds throughout to echo the reflectively stimulating lyrical sentiments of this truly compelling composition.

Louise delivers a spectacular vocal performance that carries across the heartfelt core of this sensational musical piece & highlights the sheer emotional essence within Louise’s phenomenally moving voice.

You can check out “I Don’t Believe In Christmas” on Spotify below or via Apple music here.

Louise Parker: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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