Interview: Stuart Rolfe & Becky Lawerence Discuss The Release Of “I Need You”!

Stuart Rolfe & Becky Lawerence recently joined forces to release a movingly heartfelt rendition of Tim McGraw & Faith Hill’s country classic “I Need You” that swiftly received high admiration from fans & critics alike. 

Now, Stuart & Becky have kindly taken the time to speak with Fierce & Fabulous Revolution regarding their latest release & how the collaboration came together. Check out what they said below. 

Hey Stuart & Becky, thank you for this interview. Could you start by telling the readers a little bit about yourselves? 

Stuart: My history is a peppered one working in the hospitality industry and the Home Office, the longing for music always pulled me back and I spent 22 years as a session musician, working for various companies such as Warner, BMLG and Sony Nashville. I have had the pleasure to be on stage with Mark Knopfler, Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill, as well as working with artists such as Jason Aldean and Miranda Lambert. After a brief encounter with Gareth Nugent, my decision was made to become an independent artist and in 2020 I did just that. My first EP was recorded in lockdown. And we arrive at today releasing the next single “I Need You” with the fabulous Becky Lawrence

Becky: Hello! My name is Becky Lawrence and I’m a Manx country artist, singer/songwriter, and performer from the Isle of Man now living in Wiltshire. I’ve always loved music and performing and my background is actually in musical theatre but I fell in love with country music in my teenage years and now here I am! 

You are about to release a cover of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s track ‘I Need You’. How did the idea for this release come together?

Stuart: I worked on the original back in Nashville and fell in love with the song. After working with Becky Lawrence for some time, Becky came up with an idea that we should work on a song together, this was the perfect opportunity for such a beautiful song.

What specifically drew you to creating your own version of this song?

Stuart: In short Becky’s voice, and my love of the song. The lyrics and feeling of the song had a certain message and we both related to it. Not in the romantic guise like Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill but the fact after the bad times everyone has gone through, we all need someone.

How would you compare the creative process behind this single to your previous releases?

Stuart: The whole creative process was magical, working with Becky was a dream. Between us we managed to slightly change the dynamics of the song whilst keeping true to its structure. Becky’s voice made it so easy and really created a new dynamic. The whole recording session was so organic and beautiful.

Did you always plan on keeping the song a duet?

Stuart: Yes it was always the plan to keep it a duet.

How did the idea to team up with Becky come together?

Stuart: Becky is my vocal coach and we have worked together for nearly two years now. It was Becky’s idea to work on a song together.

What does the song mean to you individually?

Stuart: The song resonates a love song, but to me, it sends a message of wanting, people need each other, and this is exactly what the song lyrics describe. It embalms various descriptive notions together. ‘Needle and a vein’ and ‘Father, son and the holy ghost’ they all go together. After the past couple of years, we’ve had it has shown many people the importance of family and friends and the need to be together… “I Need You”

Becky: After the year or so we’ve all had, then another tough one for me, it’s just reaffirmed how important my friends and family are so this song is almost like a love note to them and how much I do need them and appreciate them. 

If listeners could take something away from this song, what would you like it to be?

Becky: To always try to love and appreciate one another because we all need someone who has our back.

Could we possibly see another collaboration from you both again in the future?

Becky: Quite possibly I would say! We had such a blast doing this song so if any future ones will be the same, I’m definitely up for it! 

Finally, is there a message that you would like to share with the readers of Fierce & Fabulous Revolution?

Becky: I really hope you enjoy this track and stay tuned for more Becky in 2022! 

You can check out “I Need You” on Spotify below or listen via Apple music here.

Stuart Rolfe: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

Becky Lawerence: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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