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Review: Sarah Hickey Releases The Brand New Single “Free”!

Upcoming Cork-based musician Sarah Hickey is known for her reflectively charismatic musical style & emotionally compelling vocal range that has caught the attention of audiences everywhere.

Following on from the success of her debut release “Hollow”, Sarah has now released the brand new single “Free”.

Talking about her latest single, Sarah said “I wrote the song last year. It has reflective moments but it is mainly about finding freedom within. Being happy in the present and excited about what is to come.”

This latest single features a tentative musical instrumental that elegantly reflects the lyrical components of this creatively engaging musical piece, which helps to create a natural connection with the audiences from the very first listen.

Sarah delivers a passion-filled performance that perfectly mirrors the profound sense of feel-good energy that flows throughout this song & highlights the sensuous tone this gifted artist possesses.

This song creates a substantial foundation to express the artistically creative talent that Sarah possesses & allows listeners the opportunity to see more from the artist behind the music.

You can check out “Free” on Spotify below or on iTunes by clicking here.

Sarah Hickey: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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