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Review: Mimi Webb Delivers A Heartfelt Performance On The Brand New Single “Good Without”!

Upcoming musician Mimi Webb has continued to create immense waves amongst the contemporary music scene through her distinct musical style & charismatic vocals.

With singles such as “Before I Go” & “Reasons” creating a substantial impact globally, Mimi looks set to capture the hearts of music lovers once again with the moving new release “Good Without”.

This latest release features a host of heartfelt lyrical elements that draw deep from the core of this emotionally compelling musical piece, which help’s to create a solid foundation for listeners to experience a sentimentally moving connection from the very first listen.

Mimi delivers a moving performance that highlights the raw & emotive textures within her truly majestic vocal range, which beautifully reflects the emotional undertone of this stunning track & seizes the pure essence that flows throughout this song.

I believe that this song features a truly unique spark that possesses the components to pull on your heartstrings from the very first listen & I would not be surprised to see this song creating a significant impression in the near future.

You can check out “Good Without” on Spotify below.

Mimi Webb: Twitter / Instagram / TikTok.

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