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Review: Emilia Quinn Releases The Brand New Single “T.O.T.M. – Live Acoustic”!

After the recent success of her empowering single “Girl Talk”, upcoming country singer-songwriter Emilia Quinn has released the brand new single “T.O.T.M.”!

This latest release contains a notion of tongue-in-cheek lyrics that centre around the rollercoaster of emotions & feelings that come while experiencing the time of the month.

The song contains an ear-catching acoustic instrumental that highlights the raw energy within the lyrical aspect of this musical piece, which help’s to build an instant natural connection with listeners.

The way the song is recorded in front of a live virtual audience adds a fundamental edge that draws from the relatable lyrical components of this memorable musical piece.

I believe that this catchy single is another shining example of Emilia’s sassy musical style & highlights the vibrantly versatile range within her naturally stunning vocals.

You can check out “T.O.T.M. – Live Acoustic” on Spotify below.

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