Interview: Ava Kay Discusses The Release Of Her Latest Single “Wild Again”!

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Canadian singer-songwriter and composer Ava Kay has created an impact throughout the music scene with her incredible writing talents that contributes towards 40 million streams across all platforms & includes gold records & both domestic/international radio hits.

Ava’s work as a songwriter & composer has also garnered multiple award nominations & a significant amount of success in TV and film. TV projects include work for Disney, CBC and Hallmark, while her film credits range from original compositions to entire film scores for award-winning films such as American Mary, Dr. Cabbie & The Door amongst many others.

Now, having collaborated with the likes of Grammy award-winning producer Afrojack, Britain’s Got Talent/Eurovision Song Contest 2018 finalist Ryan O’Shaughnessy, & multi-platinum artists Raghav, ATB, & Tyler Shaw, Kay is now ready to capture the hearts of music lovers once again with her debut solo single “Wild Again”. 

Ava has kindly taken the time to speak with Fierce & Fabulous Revolution about her debut solo release. You can check out what she said below. 

Hey Ava, thank you so much for this interview. Can you start by telling the readers a little bit about yourself?

Ava: Thank you for having me.  I am a Canadian singer-songwriter and film composer, born, raised and residing in Toronto.  

When did you first discover your passion for music?

Ava: When I was around 6 years old.  I used to listen to my older sisters practise their conservatory music pieces on the piano, and being the baby sister, I wanted to do what they were doing. So I learned how to play the piano, which is where my passion still lies.

When is the first time you can recall performing in front of a live audience?

Ava: It was at a small local cafe, two other artists’ friends of mine put on a show together. 

Did you always know that you wanted to pursue a career within the music industry?

Ava: Not entirely.  I had the ability to play piano and write songs, but wasn’t sure what to do with it.  The road became clearer to me a little later on in my adulthood.

How would you describe your musical style to someone unfamiliar with your music?

Ava: I would call it cinematic pop.  It’s a coming together of my experience of being a pop songwriter and a film composer.  True-to-life storytelling that is both reflective and emotive.  

You recently released the brand new single “Wild Again”, which sounds incredible. How did the idea for this song come together?

Ava: Wow, thank you! The idea of the song and the actual end production for Ava Kay I want to say were two very different things.  The song was written with another artist, and we were just having a jam session when we wrote it.  It wasn’t until a few years later (last year), that I just started to produce the idea of how it could sound and what it would sound like for me, in particular.  

Did you always plan on releasing “Wild Again” as a single?

Ava: It was originally intended for the artists who I wrote it with.  Then it was on hold on and off for a few labels, then it was available again.  I loved the song from inception, and once I started to play around with the production, I knew then it was definitely a contender for me to release.

What does this song personally mean to you?

Ava: This song reminds me of a deep love that is meant to be momentary, knowing that what it is, is everything it needs to be at that moment in time, and you move on.  How beautiful an experience can be, and though it’s gone, you’re left feeling grateful it was ever yours.

If listeners could take one thing away from this song, what would you like it to be?

Ava: To enjoy life and fully take-in the beautiful moments you get when they come.

Do you have any further musical releases planned that you are able to tell us about?

Ava: The official video for “Wild Again” is coming out, then I will be releasing my next single shortly thereafter.

You can check out the official video for “Wild Again” below or listen via Spotfy by clicking here.

Ava Kay: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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