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Review: Ell & Hart Release The Heartfelt Single “Rise You River”!

Ell & Hart are an upcoming country-folk duo formed of Sweden’s Jade Ell and Australia’s Sheona Urquhart, who aim to empower & inspire listeners through their raw lyrical storytelling.

During the final few months of 2020, Ell & Hart released the heartfelt single “Rise You River”, which has caught the attention of several media outlets across Sweden.

This recent release features a soulful country musical instrumental that reflects the sentimental energy behind the lyrical aspect of this ear-catching musical piece.

The way these two gifted artists combine their vocals together is something truly magical that resonates directly with listeners, which help’s for you to feel a natural sense of engagement from the first listen.

I believe that there is something truly remarkable about this talented duo that will lead them down a very exciting musical path that features no limits. I would not be surprised to see this duo creating an impact on the music scene shortly.

You can check out “Rise You River” on Spotify below.

Ell & Hart: Website / Facebook / Instagram.

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