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Review: VICTORIA Releases New Song “dive into unknown”!

Photo: VICTORIA “dive into unknown” YouTube Video.

Bulgarian singer-songwriter VICTORIA has created waves within the current music scene through her distinctively mesmerising musical style & enchanting vocals.

Not long ago, VICTORIA won the hearts of music lovers across the globe with the emotionally charged single “Tears Getting Sober”, which was set to represent Bulgaria at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 that was sadly cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

After the contest’s cancellation, it was confirmed that this gifted artist would still receive her chance to perform on the Eurovision stage & represent Bulgaria in the 2021 contest instead.

With the competition only a few months away, VICTORIA is now in the process of releasing her debut EP “a little dramatic” that contains 5 songs in contention of gracing the contest (Along with “Ugly Cry” that was released at an earlier date).

The second song to be unveiled from the forthcoming EP is the emotional ballad “dive into unknown” that journies around the fears & emotions we experience when faced with a new adventure that will lead us towards unknown horizons.

This latest release contains a stunningly delicate musical instrumental that carries across the raw emotion that features deep within the lyrical aspect of this heart-touching musical piece.

The song slowly builds to illustrate the gut-wrenching passion & desire behind each verse, which allows listeners to experience a sincerely natural connection from the very first listen.

VICTORIA delivers another moving performance that perfectly reflects the tentative undertone behind the song & highlights the pure beauty within her ear-catching vocals.

You can check out “dive into unknown” below.

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