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Review: Charlotte Young & Georgia Nevada Set To Release The Brand New Single “On The Loose”!

UK based country singer-songwriters Charlotte Young & Georgia Nevada have teamed up to record the brand new single “On The Loose”, which is set to hit airwaves from the 19th of February.

The brand new single focuses on the scenario of people committing crimes & heartbreakers finding themselves heading on the run.

This forthcoming release features a contemporary uptempo country musical instrumental that is full of characteristic tones & enticing elements.

The lyrics feature a variety of memorable inuendos & dynamic undertones that combine elements to create a catchy musical piece that listeners can easily sing along to for hours on end.

Charlotte & Georgia deliver a vibrantly mesmerising performance that reflects the lyrical journey behind the song, which help’s listeners to connect with the song on a natural level.

The way that these talented musicians combine harmonises is a significant statement to their musical artistry by creating a vocal connection that brings the lyrical story to life, while showcasing their distinct talent together, as well as individuals.

You can pre-save “On The Loose” by clicking here.

Charlotte Young: Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

Georgia Nevada: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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