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Review: Fallon Schultz Releases The Brand New Single “Called It Love”!

Upcoming singer-songwriter Fallon Schultz has caught the attention of music lovers with her movingly raw & personal musical style that has swiftly received high recognition within the music scene.

Fallon now looks to create an impression once again with the brand new single “Called It Love”. This latest release is an emotionally moving country-pop ballad that centres around the times we ignore the red flags within a relationship in the hope that one day they will fade away.

The backing track contains a variety of country & pop elements that form together to build a passionately heartfelt musical foundation that allows the lyrics to create a lasting personal connection with audiences from the very first listen.

Fallon delivers a touching vocal performance that captures the pure heart behind the song & highlights the raw-emotional undertone behind this truly magical release.

I believe that this artist possesses a natural musical gift that can connect with listeners all across the globe. I would not be surprised if we see Fallon becoming a household name in the near future.

You can check out “Called It Love” on Spotify below.

Fallon Schultz: Facebook / Instagram.

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