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PREMIERE/REVIEW: Amsi Releases The Brand New Single “Jeete Raho”!

New York-based pop singer-songwriter Amsi has been building momentum within the current music scene with her powerfully energetic & movingly heartfelt music style that has swiftly gained over 30,000 streams on Spotify alone.

Born in Germany and raised in the United States, Amsi’s culturally diverse upbringing allows her to express a unique perspective. This talented songstress brings forth her colourful experiences in her artistry by creating pop hits with a Bollywood twist.

Amsi has now released the uplifting new Desi-pop (AKA South Asian Pop) single “Jeete Raho”, which translates as “live long” and is a saying that Indian elders use to inspire the younger generation.

This latest release is an empowering anthem that encourages immigrants from across the globe to continue to live long & prosper regardless of the obstacles they may face. It also serves as a reminder to be proud of the things that help you to create your unique identity within this world.

The backing track contains a variety of traditional South Asian instruments & pop components that blend together to create an ear-catching sound that engages your complete attention from the first listen.

Amsi delivers a passion-filled vocal performance that reflects the emotional nature behind the lyrical aspect of this song & carries the powerfully heartfelt energy that lays deep within the foundation of this track.

Overall, this latest release is another shining example of Amsi’s charismatically empowering musical style & I believe that this single looks set to create waves amongst music lovers across the globe once more.

You can check out “Jeete Raho” on Spotify below or find the lyric video by clicking here.

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