Interview: Andreas Moe Discusses The Release Of His Brand New Single “Holding On”!

Five-time platinum-certified Swedish singer-songwriter & producer Andreas Moe has won the hearts of music lovers from around the world over the years with his uniquely charismatic musical style & ear-catching vocals. 

Andreas now looks to capture the hearts of listeners once again with the brand new single “Holding On” & has kindly taken the time to speak with Fierce & Fabulous Revolution about his latest release. Find out what he had to say below! 

Hey Andreas, thank you so much for this interview. Can you start by telling the readers a little bit about yourself?

Andreas: Hi! Sure – My name is Andreas Moe and I’m a singer/songwriter, producer and artist from Stockholm, Sweden. I’ve been doing music since I was about 12, that’s when I found my fathers Gibson Les Paul in the attic. Since then I’ve had the most amazing journey, with all the ups and downs included and I can’t wait to see what’s around the next corner.

When did you first discover your passion for music?

Andreas: Thinking about it, music started for me even before I found my dads guitar. I was obsessed with Michael Jackson from the age of like seven and I was competing in all kinds of talent shows for kids doing my best to impersonate MJ. I also remember having a little keyboard playing the melodies from the choruses of my favourite songs and I remember I loved it so so much. I’d say my passion for music started at a very early age in my life.

Have you always known that a career within the music industry was something you wanted to pursue?

Andreas: Not at all. Until I was about 15 all I dreamt about was to become the next big Ice-Hockey player. It wasn’t until I found myself worrying about my wrists when I played Hockey that I realised music was my calling (because I was afraid to injure myself so I couldn’t play the guitar when I got back home from practise).

How would you describe your musical style to someone unfamiliar with your music?

Andreas: It’s not so complicated I guess. I like to keep organic stuff in my production and I love the raw sounding sounds. I think ’guitar driven folk/pop’ kinda works as a genre?

You have just released the brand new single “Holding On”, which sounds amazing by the way. How did the idea to create this song come together?

Andreas: Thank you very much! I’ve had the embryo of the chorus in my phone for almost two years. At that time I was listening to a lot of Ryan Adam’s music and I guess that really inspired me to write this one. When I have a part of a song that I really love and believe in I never rush things – the other parts have to come naturally and at this stage I’m super picky, it just has to ’feel’ right! It wasn’t until I had a writing session with a great friend and colleague of mine – Hanna Stenson, that I found it! It’s funny how it works sometimes.

What does this song personally mean to you?

Andreas: To me it means that I gotta let go of the things I know aren’t good for me – things that hold me back. I’m an expert at over analysing, brooding and generally holding on to bad stuff. I know it’s easier said than done but it’s about setting yourself free really.

If listeners could take anything away from this song, what would you like it to be?

Andreas: That everyone has a story that deserves to be told and heard. It’s never too late to start something new.

Do you have any future releases planned that you are able to tell us about?

Andreas: Absolutely! This year is gonna be packed with releases and I’m so excited! Soon after the release of ’Holding On’ (22/1) I’m releasing a beautiful acoustic version of it that I just finished. Can’t wait for people to hear that one.

What are some of the things you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Andreas: I love spending time with my fiancé, my friends and close ones! With the situation as it is now I’m bench watching series and playing too much Counter Strike. Other than that I play floorball in a team based in the suburb where I grew up and I also love throwing darts ^^.

What advice would you offer to someone who was looking to pursue a career within the music industry?

Andreas: Be patient and prepared for up’s and down’s. But also to have fun and really enjoy it! I wish someone told me earlier to zoom out and find your own definition of success – isn’t it success to be able to pay the rent with a guitar? To go on your first own tour? To find the courage to put out your first ever single? – I think it is!

Finally, is there a message that you would like to share with the readers of Fierce & Fabulous Revolution?

Andreas: Hang in there!!

You can check out “Holding On” on Spotify below.

Andreas Moe: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.

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