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Review: Christie Huff Releases The Brand New Single “I Don’t Know”!

Upcoming LA-based country singer-songwriter Christie Huff has impressed audiences with her unique musical style that brings a vibrant dose of heartfelt passion onto your daily playlists.

Through her unique & ear-catching releases, Christie has received over 5 million streams on Spotify alone, with an average of over 200,000 monthly listeners tuning in to hear her incredible sound.

Now, this gifted musician has released the emotionally filled new single “I Don’t Know”, which centres around the doubts that cross your mind that if breaking up with someone you thought wasn’t right for you, was the right call at all.

This single features a mid-tempo backing track with country & pop influences that perfectly portray the emotional sentiments that feature throughout the lyrical components of this phenomenal musical composition.

Christie delivers a stunning vocal performance that captures the heartfelt aspect of this emotionally-charged piece, which offers listeners the chance to feel a natural connect from the very first listen.

You can check out “I Don’t Know” on Spotify below.

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