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Review: Abigail Neilson Releases The Brand New Single “This Is Me Leaving”!

Country-pop singer-songwriter Abigail Neilson has swiftly been creating a name for herself within the modern music scene with her heartfelt & soulful musical style that features the ability to connect with others on a truly personal level.

Following on from the recent success of singles “Ruby” & “Left Unsaid”, Abigail is bringing us another emotionally moving release in the form of “This Is Me Leaving”.

This latest release is a touching composition that focuses on the variety of emotions we experience when dealing with the realisation that we need to walk away from somebody we once cared deeply about.

The song features a mid-tempo country-pop melody that reflects a mixture of sentiments, including the anger of allowing someone to play on our emotions, the sadness of letting someone go, & the excitement of experiencing a sense of independence.

Abigail delivers a stunning performance that showcases the natural delicacy behind her angelic vocals & the raw-passionate spirit that she possesses, which enables listeners with the chance to experience a heartfelt connection for the full duration of this single.

Overall, Abigail has produced another incredible musical piece that highlights her incredibly passionate & artistic creativity. I hand-on-heart believe that this song has the capability to reach tremendous heights within the current music world.

You can check out the official video for “This Is Me Leaving” below.





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