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Review: Halle Kearns Set To Release The Brand New Single “Shoes To Fill”!

Following on from the recent success of her debut single “Pick Me Up”, Nashville based singer-songwriter, Halle Kearns, is set to release the brand new song “Shoes To Fill” on October 23rd.

Speaking about her upcoming release, Halle said “‘Shoes To Fill’ is a song about my relationship with my dad and the way he has shown me my worth in regards to the way I expect to be loved and valued. In the song, I’m speaking directly to my future someone and letting them know that the bar has been set high.”

She continued “It’s an incredibly special song to me, and my favorite I’ve written so far because it’s so authentic and true to my story. My dad is my best friend, and I’m beyond excited to have my listeners hear about what a stand-up guy he is through these lyrics. I hope each person is able to take this song and make it their own. Whether that’s in relation to their own father, mother, or anyone who has done an outstanding job of making sure they know they’re loved whole-heartedly.”

This upcoming release is an emotionally moving country ballad that carries a heartfelt lyrical journey that pulls at the heartstrings from the very first listen.

The angelic backing track carries a substantial natural energy that gracefully symbolises the charm & beauty behind the lyrics, which enables this artist to deliver a remarkable vocal display that brings the raw sincerity behind the song to life.

Halle delivers a passionate vocal performance that captures the sentimental nature behind the lyrics & conveys a compelling production that showcases her extraordinary musical talent.

I believe that Halle has a unique & compelling musical gift that has the capability to convey her to great heights within the current music scene. I would not be surprised to see this gifted artist becoming a household name very shortly.

You can pre-save “Shoes To Fill” by clicking right here.





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