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Review: Louise Parker Set To Release The Brand New Single “Just Friends”!

UK country music sensation Louise Parker is set to release the heartfelt song “Just Friends” – that has become a fan favourite from her set-list over the past two years – on October 9th.

Speaking about her latest release, Louise said:”‘Just Friends’, set at 2am over text message, depicts the epiphany of letting someone go too soon and wanting to reconcile.

She continued “I wrote this song in 2018 and have performed it live across the UK/USA, but decided to record and release now after encouragement from my fans. Over the past two years, it has become a firm favourite in my sets and, coupled with my cheeky nature, affords me the opportunity to have fun and not take myself too seriously.”

The backing track behind this song features a variety of guitar & violin elements that help to reflect the emotional story that flows throughout the lyrical journey behind this stunning musical piece.

Louise delivers a passionate & moving vocal performance that showcases the beautiful & delicate elements that her voice contains, which enables her to create a natural connection that listeners will undoubtedly love.

This artist possesses an incredibly creative musical gift that can capture your instant attention, along with being able to tell an ear-catching & heart-touching tale through only a few words.

You can pre-save “Just Friends” by clicking right here.





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