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Review: Sandra North Releases The Stunning New Single “You”!

Upcoming LA-based Swedish singer-songwriter Sandra North has released the sublime new single “You”!

Speaking about her latest single, Sandra said “‘You’ is a happy feel-good love song filled with beautiful warm emotions directed to that one person in your life that suddenly changes everything you thought you knew.”

This single features a wholesome lyrical energy that creates a heartfelt & emotional journey for artist & listener alike, which enables this gifted performer the chance to deliver a touching performance that showcases her musical gifts.

The pop production that accompanies this track perfectly parallels the feel-good energy that flows throughout the lyrics, which help’s to create a natural connection for audiences, from your very first listen.

Sandra possesses a delicate-soulful voice that features a unique quality that can instantly capture you attention & carries a natural undertone that listeners will easily fall in love with.

You can check out “You” on Spotify below.




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