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Review: Dana Arthur Set To Release The Brand New Single “Blue”!

Photo: Dana Arthur Facebook.

Louisiana singer-songwriter Dana Arthur is set to release the brand new single “Blue” on June 26th 2020.

Speaking about her latest release, Dana said “‘Blue’ paints a picture of sadness, pensive numbness, and confusion associated with the feelings that come from being hurt. It poses questions and longs for answers. Would a person make certain decisions towards another if they could feel the gravity of their own impact? Could they empathize if they had the ability to understand? (Hence the lyric – “take a moment to slip on my shoes”). Why would love, care, and concern elicit any undeserved and damaged responses in return?”

She continues “Lyrically, it comes from a place of emotional fragility and reflection. Sonically, I initially heard the production and arrangement in a more synthesized form. A period of time went by and I revisited the song. It was then that I heard it in a different light. I heard it as if it were a ballad I may have written in the 1960s, but with a current twist. This record challenges my ever evolving sound as an artist and is a product of my eclectic musical taste.”

This latest release is a moving emotion-filled ballad that features elements of raw fragility that is able to capture the heartfelt delicacy behind this artist’s angelic vocals.

Dana brings the soulfulness behind the lyrics to life by delivering a performance full of soothing attraction, which flawlessly reflects the mixture of emotions we experience when suffering heartbreak.

Each lyric focuses on a different aspect of heartbreak & brings a sincere connection to those who listen to this tranquil ear-catching track.

I believe that this song help’s to exhibit a clear insight into the natural creativity that this artist possesses, which allows listeners the opportunity to see more from the person behind the music.

With a glimmering creative talent & shining vocal range, there is a very bright musical career ahead of this artist & I would not be surprised to see this artist creating an impact on the music scene very shortly.

You can check out “Blue” below.




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