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Review: Tallie Gabriel Releases The Brand New Single “Story”!

​Best known for being apart of Americana group ​Cardboard Rocketship, ethereal singer, songwriter and cellist Tallie Gabriel has released the brand new debut solo single titled “Story”!

Speaking about her latest release, Tallie said “‘Story’ was written in that tender, fragile time when you’re starting to fall for someone but unsure if the relationship will last or if the other party even feels the same way. It’s about the very human fear of intimacy and giving over to such powerful emotions, but the ultimate decision to dive in anyway.”

This latest release allows Tallie to deliver a character-filled vocal performance that showcases her vibrant musical talent & presents her with a golden opportunity to express her captivating musical style.

The single features a sense of vulnerability that highlights a mixture of emotions we have all experienced during our lifetime, which enables listeners the chance to feel an instant connection.

Tallie has a distinct musical talent that you could easily listen to for hours on end. With a soothing ear-catching vocal range & a captivating charisma, there is no telling how far this talented artist can venture within her career.

You can check out “Story” on Spotify below.





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