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Review: Marble Waves Releases The Brand New Single “Through The Dark”!

Photo: Marble Waves “Through The Dark” YouTube Video.

Rising folk-pop musical sensations Marbles Waves have released the brand new single titled “Through The Dark”!

Speaking about the release “When I wrote it (and when I wrote most of the songs of the upcoming EP) I was going through a phase where I was not sure if I had chosen the right path in my life, careerwise but also just in general, there were so many options and I felt a bit suffocated.”

“I guess a lot of songs I wrote in that time (this is like a little over a year ago) where about this subject, and this one too. Basically Through The Dark is a song about not being sure if you’re on the right track in life and trying to find your way to ‘Through the dark’ to the light. So basically the dark symbolises the uncertainty and unhappiness in life, and the light/home symbolises happiness/your goal/dreams in lifeThe place where you feel like you belong.”

This latest release features a catchy mid-tempo backing track that help’s to showcase the raw energy that features throughout the lyrics & allows listeners the chance to engage with the song on a natural level.

The song has allowed this group to express their character-filled musical style through an energetic performance that many listeners will easily enjoy.

This talented group have a captivating quality within their music that many people will instantly fall in love with & I would not be surprised to see Marble Waves creating an impact on the music scene very shortly.

You can check out “Through The Dark” on Spotify below.





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