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Review: Alex Carroll Releases The Brand New Single “Paint Me In Colours”!

Rising singer-songwriter Alex Carroll has released the brand new single titled “Paint Me In Colours”!

Speaking about her latest release, Alex said “I wrote Paint Me In Colours about someone falling in love with a person who isn’t quite as interested. They’re giving everything into the relationship but not getting anything back and eventually come to realise that they’ll have to let the other person go.”

She continued “I mostly got inspiration for this one from books and movies as it isn’t a personal song (I’ve never been in love haha) but I also tried relating the story to things that I have experienced like friendships that weren’t very good and hobbies that I am hopelessly terrible at despite putting my all into them!!”

This latest release highlights the delicate elements behind Alex’s vocals, which enables this talented performer with the chance to deliver a heartfelt performance that listeners can easily listen to over & over again.

The raw texture behind the lyrics brings the soothing undertone behind Alex’s vocals to centre stage & allows her the chance to project an emotive production that showcases her charismatic musical talent.

You can check out the song on Spotify below.



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