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Review: Abigail Neilson Set To Release The Brand New Single “Space”!

Rising pop/country singer-songwriter Abigail Neilson is set to release the brand new single titled “Space” on February 14th 2020!

Abigail describes her latest single as “a Honky Tonk bop that exemplifies the frustrations women have with boys not knowing how to take no for an answer when it comes to love and relationships.”

She continues “The song portrays the irritation of not being able to be left alone by men through high energy instruments and melodies. While listening, you can sense in the vocal that as the song goes on, this person in becoming more outraged by the second. As the music feels happier, the lyrics get angrier. This girl-power anthem is relatable to every single woman on the planet.”

This catchy mid-tempo song highlights the creative talent that Abigail possesses & draws listeners in with her feel-good musical spirit.

Abigail delivers a passionate vocal performance that brings the narrative behind the lyrics to life & helps to portray the dramatic energy that flows throughout this infectious release.

You can pre-save “Space” by clicking here.





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