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Review: Viorela Moraru Releases The Brand New Single “Remedy”!

Photo: Viorela Moraru “Remedy” YouTube.

Rising musical artist Viorela Moraru has released the brand new single “Remedy”!

Written by Ylva & Linda Persson, Rickard Bonde Truumeel, Patric Skog, & Will Taylor, & “is about breaking free from difficulties, trying to find the “cure” to never give up on yourself.”

Viorela delivers a heartwarming performance that highlights the emotive essence behind her soothing & passionate vocals.

The way this gifted artist has used the delicate textures within her vocals to express the beauty within the lyrics is a statement to her musical talent.

I believe that Viorela has delivered a moving performance that will instantly connect with listeners.

You can check out “Remedy” below.

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