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Review: Karelll Releases The Brand New Single “At Least We’ve Tried”!

Rising singer/songwriter Karelll has released the brand new single titled “At Least We’ve Tried”!

Speaking about his latest release, Karelll said “The lyrics are inspired by basically every break-up I’ve ever gone through. I don’t even consider it a sad song. I mean it’s definitely not happy – it’s just like, we did everything we could and it just didn’t work out and that’s fine.”

Karelll delivers an emotive vocal performance that perfectly reflects the heartfelt lyrics behind the song & allows the beauty behind his delicate vocals to take centre stage.

The song brings a heart-touching energy that can instantly connect with listeners from the very first listen, which help’s audiences to engage with the track on a personal level.

If you are looking for an emotional musical piece that you can easily listen to for hours on end. This will be the perfect track for you!

You can check out “At Least We’ve Tried” below.




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