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Review: SouthBound Releases The Brand New Single “Get Drunk On Me”!

All-girl country-rock supergroup SouthBound has released their debut single “Get Drunk On Me”!

Co-fronted by two of Australia’s highly regarded female country artists Missy Lancaster & Rachael Fahim, this collective is set to make huge waves with their sublime artistic talents.

The song features charismatic elements that bring to light the dynamic elements behind each of these talented ladies extraordinary abilities.

This group delivers a highly energetic & passionate performance that presents them with the chance to express the vibrant & sassy elements that feature within their distinct musical style.

I believe that this group possesses all the elements to help them create a firm stamp on the current music scene & would not be surprised to see them creating a massive impact very shortly.

You can check out “Get Drunk On Me” on Spotify below.




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