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Review: Sofie Releases The Debut Single “Free”!

Portsmouth based R&B musician Sofie has released the debut single titled “Free”!

Sofie explains that this song is about “when someone doesn’t let you go and carries on hurting you but then having a journey of self-love and growth when they finally do, you are free”.

The song presents Sofie with the chance to deliver a passionate performance that highlights the sassy & spirited nature behind her charismatic voice.

Sofie use’s the unique elements within her vocals to bring the narrative behind the song to life, which allows listeners to feel an instant connection to the raw energy behind the lyrics.

I believe that this single has given Sofie the chance to deliver an expressive & heartfelt performance that allows us to see her musical talent & versatility. A future star in the making.

You can check out “Free” on Spotify below.



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