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Review: Louisa Releases The Brand New Single “Like I Love Me”!

Louisa Johnson has released the brand new single titled “Like I Love Me”!

This latest release focuses on embracing the characteristics that make us who we are, inside & out.

The lyrics present this gifted artist with the chance to showcase an expressive & passionate performance that perfectly parallels the nature behind the song.

Louisa delivers a heartfelt performance that highlights the vibrant & feel-good nature behind her empowering vocals.

Overall, I believe that this song has given listeners a chance to see a more intimate side behind Louisa’s musical style, which enables you to feel an instant connection to the raw energy behind the lyrics.

A highly recommended song for anyone who loves a feel-good track that you can listen to for hours on end!

You can check out “Like I Love Me” on Spotify below.




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