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Review: Gabby Barrett Releases The Brand New Single “Hall Of Fame”!

Rising country music sensation Gabby Barrett has released the brand new single titled “Hall Of Fame”!

Following on from the recent success of “The Good Ones” & “I Hope”, Gabby has dropped this brand new single in the lead up towards her forthcoming debut album.

This latest release features a warm & heartfelt country backing track that showcases the emotive nature behind Gabby’s outstanding vocals.

Gabby delivers a sublime performance that parallels the raw & organic beauty behind the lyrics & creates the opportunity for listeners to feel an instant sense of engagement to the story behind the song.

I believe that Gabby possesses a unique musical talent that you can easily listen to, & would not be surprised to see this single creating a massive buzz very shortly.

You can check out “Hall Of Fame” on Spotify below.





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