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Review: Emily Frith Releases The Brand New EP ‘Open Book’!

Upcoming UK singer-songwriter Emily Frith has just released her brand new EP titled ‘Open Book’!

The second EP to Emily’s name, this latest release features a 5-track playlist that is full of personal & heartfelt emotional energy.

Speaking about her EP, Emily said “This EP is a special one, because it was really about me finding my feet as an artist, as well as sharing some of the most important chapters of my life between the age of about 18-19 with my followers. Stories of love, growth and the challenges life throws your way.”

She continues “I feel like the meaning and emotion behind each of these songs has adapted and changed with me over time, and now I perform and listen to them in a brand new way to when I released them all as singles. It’s so cool to me that music can do that. I guess that’s why I’m still so in love with songwriting.”

Each track explores an emotive chapter that presents Emily with a golden opportunity to showcase her creative & heartwarming musical talent.

Every song tells a distinctive tale that is brought to life through this gifted artist’s enchanting & soulful vocals, which help’s listeners to engage more with the artist behind the music.

The EP explores a variety of musical genres by incorporating elements of rock, indie, & country to create an exciting musical journey that you want to venture.

With a heartwarming & passionate voice, a creative lyrical talent, & a kind-hearted nature, I believe it’s safe to say that Emily has an incredible musical career ahead.

You can check out the full EP on Spotify below.








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