A Message For You All…..

Image by Michal Jarmoluk from Pixabay.

During 2019, Fierce & Fabulous Revolution has gone from strength to strength & has been able to share reviews for a large number of incredible musical releases, along with conducting a number of fun & insightful interviews.

There have been so many amazing opportunities that this website has given me over the year. Including interviewing one of my all-time favourite artists, an exclusive release, & meeting so many incredibly talented & kind-hearted musicians, who help to make the heart behind this blog.

To start of the new year, Fierce & Fabulous Revolution has been given a new layout & logo, which I hope you all will enjoy, if you don’t then i’m sorry *sad face*.

Even though there have been so many incredible moments to come out of 2019, there have also been some heartbreaking lows & I believe it’s time to tell you the reason behind some of them.

This year has been full of reflecting over past events & learning to accept things that can never be changed.

Long before running this blog, I was a teenager who attempted to act cool & tried to act like someone I wasn’t online. In some ways, it was a cry for help.

I found the wrong crowd & let them get inside my head. I was stupid, nieve & left feeling more worthless than before. Looking back now, I feel deeply embarrassed to think that I was that person.

After taking time away to reflect on who I was, & the person I wanted to be I decided to set up this blog & put my heart & soul into something that could help musicians, lyricists, & producers instead of helping the factors that blocked their way.

The main focus behind Fierce & Fabulous Revolution has been to help upcoming musicians promote their music & sharing reviews for them. Seeing so many artists & readers finding joy from my reviews, fills my heart & I never want anything to change that.

I do believe that Fierce & Fabulous Revolution has helped me to find my second chance & I am so grateful to everyone who has been apart of this exciting journey so far.

I hope in 2020 I can start to leave behind all the scars from before & continue to find myself, as cheesy as that sounds.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the support & appreciation that you have given all of the artists featured on this blog & I hope that you continue to do so during the next year.

Hope you all have a lovely new year & here is to one wild ride in 2020!

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