Interview: Erin Coburn Talks About Her Brand New Album ‘Out From Under’!

Photo: Thomas Dove

Upcoming singer/songwriter Erin Coburn has recently released the brand new album ‘Out From Under’ & has taken the time to speak with us about her latest release!

Hey Erin, thank you so much for agreeing to this interview. Can you start by telling us a little bit about yourself?

Erin: Thank you for having me! I am an 18-year-old songwriter and performer, and I play guitar, bass, ukulele, keys and the vocal chords. I’ve been sharing my unique rock sound with people all over the U.S. at venues and festivals, and I have released three all-original albums. I have played with Grammy nominated artists such as Joseph Wooten, and opened for incredible acts such as The Marcus King Band, Blackberry Smoke, Larry McCray, Three Dog Night, and more. 

When did you first discover your passion for music & knew that it was a career that you wanted to pursue?

Erin: I always had an interest in music, specifically guitar, but it wasn’t until I got my third guitar teacher John Redell when I realized this could be my job. My guitar teachers before him were fine… but the lessons were so boring and I never wanted to practice what they gave me. I would end up writing something or creating my own riffs. My third guitar teacher was different because he related to this. He saw the creativity I had and instead of squashing it- he helped it grow. John brought me to open mics to let my improv flow, and then he started bringing me to his own gigs. I had realized that his career was music, and music only. I got my own paying gig at age 12 and it’s taken off since then. Ever since I was younger, I wanted to play my own sounds and create my own vibes instead of following, and when I saw I could do JUST THAT as a job… I was in. 

You recently released your album “Out From Under”, which sounds amazing by the way. Can you tell us how the inspiration to create this album came together? 

Erin: Thank you!! I had a strong message I really wanted this album to deliver. Before I wrote most of the songs, I had a clear goal of letting people know that it is okay to overcome the standards society has put on itself. So many of us think we need to look a certain way or say specific things to be liked. I know I was guilty of it, and sometimes I still find myself slipping back under the standards (social media makes it so easy). When I wrote this album, and specifically the title track “Out from Under” I felt like I was set loose from everything the world expected me to be, and I could be who I wanted to be and say what I wanted to say. I no longer wanted to feel bad because I wasn’t fitting into these standards. 

What are some of your favourite songs to feature on the album & why?

Erin: I swear my favorites change every time I listen to the album… but the two that REALLY stick out in my heart are “It’s Over (Virtual Reality)” and “Fast-Paced & Freakish”. They are both COMPLETELY different from each other. “It’s Over (Virtual Reality)” has this bouncy feel with nice clean vocals, a catchy chorus, an almost bluegrassy pre-chorus, and a killer jammy bridge. “Fast-Paced & Freakish” is much harder and edgier. I was able to just let loose and get pretty angry with this one. Not that getting angry is fun, but it was so cool to channel a whole different energy for me (both on guitar and vocals) in the studio on this one. 

What is the one thing that you would love fans to take away from this album?

Erin: I want my fans to feel free to be whoever they want to be after listening to this album. I want them to feel like it’s okay to not be mainstream or follow the crowd. 

How have your family & friends reacted to your album? All good I hope!

Erin: My family LOVES the album. My dad will put my songs on when he’s working and he usually texts me what song he’s listening to. I hear my mom singing them through the house. My friends were actually pretty shocked with this third album because it is so different from the other two albums I’ve put out. They really liked it though and quite a bit of them were spreading the word on Instagram. 

This is the part of the interview where I like to find out more from the artist behind the music. When you are not performing what do you like to get up to in your spare time? Any hobbies?

Erin: I LOVE hitting the gym. I’m really big into fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. I usually attend spin class 3 to 4 times a week and I do weightlifting on top of that. I also really enjoy cooking and trying new foods. This might be weird… but I also have a lot of fun grocery shopping or browsing health food stores. Just a few days ago I found these sea salt and vinegar beans in a bag. The weirder the food, the more excited I am to try it. I also like to hike.

What was the last TV series that you binge-watched & did you enjoy it?

Erin: I don’t usually watch TV because I am usually writing songs or playing guitar in the period of time when I could be watching it… but the last TV show I watched was called “Daybreak” on Netflix. I came in halfway through the season because my parents were watching it one day and I got very interested. I got sick and then sat down on the couch and finished the rest of the show. I enjoyed it IMMENSELY. This was a very unique and unpredictable show and it even inspired some song lyrics. 

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go & why?

Erin: THAILAND. I have always dreamt of going there and seeing the Buddhist temples, the beautiful beaches, eating LEGIT Thai street food, and exploring everything it has to offer. I’ve watched so many travel vlogs on it. I would love to go someday and shoot a video of my band and I playing a rock tune on the beach. 

What is the best piece of advice someone has given you about pursuing a career in music?

Erin: I went to Victor Wooten’s music workshop a few years ago and a couple of the instructors there, including Victor, told me I am going to have to work twice as hard as my male counterparts. Now, I don’t like to see music as a competition, but that piece of advice has made me work a million times harder than I was and it continues to fuel me. 

Finally, is there anything you would like to say to the readers of Fierce & Fabulous Revolution?

Erin: Don’t forget to be you and do what makes you happy, even if it’s out of the so-called norms. Find out who you are… become your own best friend, and get out from under the social pressures to fit in.  Also, check out my website for show dates! My band and I could be playing near you and if we are, come say “Hi!”! Thank you for reading, and thank you for listening to “Out from Under”.

Thank you Erin for this interview. You can check out the full album on Spotify below!



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