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Review: Jaagup Tuisk Releases The Brand New Song “Beautiful Lie”!

Photo: Jaagup Tuisk “Beautiful Lie” Video.

Rising singer/songwriter Jaagup Tuisk has released the brand new emotive song titled “Beautiful Lie”!

This heartfelt ballad focuses on the struggle of knowing that something is not right for you, but you can’t find the strength to let go.

This song showcases the soulful elements behind this artist’s heavenly vocals & presents him with an opportunity to deliver an emotional performance that captures listeners instant attention.

The heart-touching undertone behind the lyrics speaks to listeners in more ways than one, which help’s you to engage more with the raw energy that flows throughout this enchanting release.

Jaagup has delivered a moving performance that parallels the beauty & pain behind the lyrics of this incredible musical piece. I would highly recommend giving this song a listen.

You can check out “Beautiful Lie” below.

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