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Review: Hannah Trigwell Releases Stop Motion Video For “Like U Used To”!

Leeds based singer/songwriter Hannah Trigwell has released the stop motion video for the brand new single “Like U Used To”!

This latest single features a dark & emotive electro-pop backing that centres around reflecting through rose-tinted glasses at the rough patches of a relationship. 

The song captures the intense & yearning textures behind Hannah’s passionate vocals, which allows this artist to deliver a captivating performance that you can easily listen to on repeat. 

As someone who has created a stop motion video out of Lego, I take my hat off to Hannah for the incredible work she has put into this video using Sylvanian Families figures. The attention to detail is mesmerising & captures the true spirit behind the song, which allows listeners to engage more with the song itself. 

You can check out the video for “Like U Used To” below. 

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