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Review: Little Mess Release The Brand New Song “Without A Reason”!

Photo: Little Mess “Without A Reason” Video.

Upcoming musical group Little Mess recently made their stamp of the music world with “Kuula Mu Häält” & our now following it up with the brand new single “Without A Reason”!

Formed up of members Johanna-Elise Kabel, Karmel Üksvärav & Viktoria Koljagina, Little Mess are fastly making their mark with their charismatic musical style.

This latest release is an emotive ballad that reflects on the regret of letting someone who held a special place within your heart go & hoping to rekindle the spark that was once between you.

This talented trio delivers a passionate vocal performance that showcases the angelic undertones behind each of their sublime vocals & allows this group to present a heavenly performance that you could listen to for hours on end.

You can listen to “Without A Reason” by clicking here.

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