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Review: Becky Lawrence Set To Release The Brand New Single “Now”!

The UK based singer-songwriter Becky Lawrence is set to release the brand new single “Now” on December 1st 2019.

Co-written alongside Hugh Webber from ZephyrHill Music, this upcoming single features a soothing country backing track that allows Becky’s vocals to glide through a dreamy production that instantly captures your attention.

Becky delivers a sublime vocal performance that showcases her charismatic musical talent & brings the emotive essence behind her vocals to life.

This single is a shining example of Becky’s artistic style & a beaming symbol of the ingenious spirit behind this gifted musician.

The song allows Becky to combine her soothing feel-good voice alongside her visionary songwriting talent. You could even say she shines twice as bright!

Until then, you can find Becky’s previous releases on Spotify below.

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