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Review: Andrei Neagu Releases The Brand New Single “Prea Departe”!

Rising musician Andrei Neagu has released the brand new single “Prea Departe” (“Too Far”) ahead of the upcoming album ‘VERSUS’

Speaking about his latest release, Andrei said “It is a piece that started as a sketch for an interlude track on the album, but dealing with the production process has resulted in a 4-minute song. The song speaks about a moment that we all experience at one point!.”

The video is directed and filmed by Andrei Neagu, which marks his first experience in the video production area. His girlfriend plays the lead role in this video.

“I am very excited because I was able to display in almost 4 minutes of video, exactly what I had in mind. The rest of the factors were influenced by the video equipment or some technical details. It was an interesting experience and the comfort level made me forget that I was filming a video, but rather that I spend a Saturday with my girlfriend. There was no feeling of pressure or haste. We worked at our own pace, and the fact that we understood and respected each other’s ideas made the creation process more natural and fun.”, Says Andrei.

Andrei delivers a performance that highlights the tentative delicacy behind his voice, which help’s to bring the refined texture within his vocals to the full front of the song.

You can check out the “Prea Departe” below.

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