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Review: Is The Charlie’s Angels Soundtrack The Definition Of Fierce & Fabulous?

The wait is finally over. The soundtrack for the forthcoming Charlie’s Angels movie has been released!

Published through Republic Records, this 11-track album features a number of talented artists to create a sensational soundtrack that is full of engaging & memorable tracks.

Each track features a charismatic approach that perfectly defines the spirit that the Charlie’s Angels franchise is loved for.

The album combines a mixture of catchy uptempo numbers & emotive ballads to create a captivating musical story that you find yourself wanting to journey along.

I believe that this soundtrack makes a clear impression of what we can expect from the forthcoming movie release. I can’t wait to see how this soundtrack compliments the storyline behind the film itself.

So is this album the definition of Fierce & Fabulous? Well, I think it’s safe to say that this album brings a strong combination of Fierce & Fabulous vibes that you could easily listen to on repeat. So yes!

You can check out the full soundtrack on Spotify below.

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