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Review: Daniel Furlong Releases The Brand New Single “Safe”!

Upcoming Irish singer/songwriter Daniel Furlong has released his brand new single titled “Safe”!

Following up from his debut single “Spread My Wings”, this latest release talks about supporting a loved one through their darkest time & helping them overcome the struggles they are facing. 

Speaking about his latest release, Daniel said “My inspiration for ‘Safe’ was a desire to combat that feeling of being alone and struggling in a dark place. I think most people can relate to a time when they needed a helping hand and I wanted to write a song that could empower people to reach out, open up and fight their way back“. 

This emotive ballad allows this gifted artist the chance to present a heartfelt performance that showcases his extraordinary musical talent.

The lyrics feature a deep sense of purity that allows Daniel the chance to deliver a beautiful performance that brings the angelic undertones behind his vocals to life. 

I believe that Daniel has a unique musical ability that has the chance of making a huge mark on the current music scene. There is a very exciting musical career ahead of this talented artist!

You can check out “Safe” on Spotify below.

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