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Review: Gracie Laboy Releases The Brand New EP ‘Valencia’!

Soulful pop and R&B singer-songwriter Gracie Laboy has released the debut EP ‘Valencia’!

This four-track EP has been written & recorded while Gracie was studying abroad for a master’s degree at Berklee College of Music’s campus in Valencia, Spain.

The album focuses on the experiences & emotions that Gracie encountered during her time in Valencia, which allows this gifted artist the chance to deliver a variety of expressive performances that showcase her charismatic musical nature.

This EP offers you the chance to travel on a lyrical journey that tells a story about feeling lost & struggling to find yourself, to then be found by love. 

Gracie delivers a stunning vocal performance that is is full of emotive purity, which offers you the chance to escape within the music for a short period of time. 

Each song features a personal element that reflects the heartfelt beauty that lies within Gracie’s vocals & allows this musician the chance to express the incredible creativity that she possesses. 

You can check out the full EP on Spotify below. 

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