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Review: Saara Aalto Releases The Brand New Single “Starry Skies”!

Finnish music sensation Saara Aalto has released the magical new single titled “Starry Skies” in the build-up to the release of her forthcoming EP!

Co-written alongside David Sneddon, this latest release is moving ballad that focuses on the emotions you feel when you experience your first true love.

The lyrics talk about being around the person who gives you butterflies when you are near them & how you would stay with them in the freezing cold just to experience your first true loves kiss.

Saara delivers an emotive vocal performance that brings the purity behind the lyrics to live & help’s the listeners to engage their own feelings & experiences to the story behind the song.

This single features an enchanting & magical feel that beautifully reflects the delicate undertones behind Saara’s angelic voice.

I believe that Saara & David have created a beautiful ballad that has the ability to capture your attention from the very first time that you hear it. Definitely a song I would highly recommend!

You can check out “Starry Skies” on Spotify below.

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