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Review: Ira Losco & Michela Release The Official Video For “Cannonball”!

Photo: Ira Losco & Michela “Cannonball” Official Video YouTube.

Not long ago, Michela not only won the first edition of the X Factor Malta but won over hearts all around the world with her participation in the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, with the incredibly catchy single “Chameleon”.

Now, Michela has teamed up alongside Maltese music sensation Ira Losco to release a revamped version of “Cannonball”, from her Ira’s sensational album ‘No Sinner No Saint’.

This latest release highlights the dramatic undertones that surround both of artists astonishing vocals, & allows them to show the heartfelt energy that they both possess.

Ira & Michela have combined their voices to deliver a passionate performance that highlights the emotive nature behind the song & help’s to bring the story behind the lyrics to life.

Overall, I believe that Ira & Michela have delivered a stunning musical performance that showcases the raw & heartfelt energy that both of these incredible artists possess. This is one song that you are going to want to check out ASAP!

You can check out the official video for “Cannonball” below.

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