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Review: Louise Parker Vocals Shine On “Story Of Love”!

Following on from the recent success of “Rear View Mirror”, upcoming Essex based singer-songwriter Louise Parker is set to release the brand new heartfelt single “Story Of Love” on 27th September 2019.

This single is a catchy mid-tempo country number that focuses on the journey you undertake when you fall in love with someone who you consider to be the one.

Louise displays a charismatic vocal performance that reflects the passionate energy that this talented artist possesses & help’s you to feel a personal connection with the song itself.

This song highlights Louise’s natural musical talent & showcases her originality as an artist.

Overall, I believe that this single reflects the purity behind Louise’s incredible voice by giving this artist the chance to deliver a heartfelt vocal performance that brings the story behind the lyrics to life. This is a single that you are going to want to check out!

You can pre-order “Story Of Love” by clicking the link here.

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