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Review: Alana Springsteen Releases The Brand New Single “Feel Better”!

Rising country singer/songwriter Alana Springsteen has released the brand new single titled “Feel Better”!

Co-written alongside Mandy Simmen and Jacob Noe, this latest single focuses on the difficulties we face to move on from someone who once held a special place within our heart.

This song highlights the delicate elements behind Alana’s angelic voice, which allows her to deliver an emotive performance that automatically captures your full attention.

The heartfelt nature behind the lyrics is brought to centre stage by the emotion that Alana projects through the full duration of the song.

I believe that Alana has delivered a warmhearted performance that showcases her incredible vocal talent & musical creativity. I think that it’s safe to say that this artist has a very promising musical career ahead of her.

You can check out “Feel Better” on Spotify below.

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