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Review: Valencia James Releases The Brand New Single “Dreamers”!

Sydney based dark-pop artist Valencia James has released her brand new single titled “Dreamers”!

This latest release acts as an encouragement to others to push through the tough times and keep on dreaming. 

Speaking about her latest release, Valencia said: “I wrote Dreamers at a time in my life when I was learning how to dream again and believe for dreams that I had forgotten about.”

She continues “It’s kind of that song where I was just like, ‘Why can’t I do all the things that I want to?’ I had just come out of a period of depression about my future and this was my song … let’s all just start dreaming again and going for what we want in life”. 

This single highlights the haunting tones behind Valencia’s captivating voice, by blending perfectly alongside the dreamy synth-pop soundscapes of the backing track to create an uplifting ambience that showcases this artist’s creative musical talent.

The spiritual energy surrounding this song help’s to capture the heartfelt essence behind Valencia’s vocals & gives her the chance to deliver a powerful performance that captures your instant attention.

You can check out “Dreamers” on Spotify below. 

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